Living in a house with your mates and a mouse
That runs around the kitchen
To living in a flat with your girl and a cat
Her pictures fixtures and fittings
Blocked any feelings that I'd found
In this rainy old town…London

There I'd go man burning slow man
Missing more than hitting
Sinking low in a caffeine glow
And daytime television
Any fear I'd hide behind
Like a mouse in a hole
All tunnel vision singing…

Is this my life?
Then it's killing me somewhere
It's killing me somewhere

Like one big dream that worked out real
It came right at me wailing
It ran down my street
Scraping it's teeth along my mental railings
Saying waking up time
Waking up time
Remember this thing so well
"This is the here and all you've got now"
So ready or not, go get you something