* Gem Archer's playing the biggest gig of his life... *

Q - Noel told Q he was looking forward to writing with you and Andy Bell. Will anything be ready for these gigs?
GEM - We've done some bits of music, but I don't know if they're songs yet. Since we played Seattle we've been doing a new cover, though-Hey Hey My My (Into The Black), Neil Young. I have this filth box I put my guitar through-in my head I do what he said, play a note so fat you could walk out over the crowd on it.
Q - What's your favourite Oasis song to play?
GEM - Shakermaker. It's bang on. I've always thought that was a really good attitude, rip off the Coca-Cola song and have it large. It's cheeky psychedelia. And Champagne Supernova. We all go "Tune!"
Q - Any special effects planned for the festivals?
GEM - Amps and a drum riser. No more telephone boxes.
Q - Have you ever played to such huge crowds before?
GEM - No. At festivals, Heavy Stereo were always in tents. I don't get too nervous though. At least only in the dream most musicians have about the gig where everything goes wrong, your pedals don't work and your ex-girlfriend's sitting in the front row.
Q - What's worst about festivals?
GEM - When people walk through the crowd carrying snakes. You don't want too much of that.
Q - Noel said that after travelling around America on a bus you'd "either come back really close mates or fucking hate each other". How's it going?
GEM - The better option. But wait till the end of the tour.
Q - That's a bit enigmatic.
GEM - It's honest.
Q - Are the Gallaghers still a nightmare on the road or have they become mature family men?
GEM - They're both essential ingredients in the soup. You don't need to reach for any extra condiments to spice up Oasis.
Q - Top festival tip?
GEM - Get backstage. I've never seen a snake backstage. A few sharks, but no snakes.

~ Phil Sutcliffe