* GEM ~ Vocals, rhythm guitar, piano *

* Nez ~ Bass *

* Pete Downing ~ Lead guitar *

* Nick Jones ~ Drums, vocals, percussion *


Before Gem joined Oasis, he was the frontman and rythym guitarist for the band Heavy Stereo. Gem wrote and produced for them as well. They had a very 1970 glam rock sound and never achieved any success worldwide.

Heavy Stereo was also signed to Creation Records.

Gem produced Heavy Stereo's track "The Gift" for The Jam tribute album Fire & Skill.

Heavy Stereo opened for the Dublin Oasis gigs in 1996

After Heavy Stereo broke up, Gem was a bit depressed. But according to Noel, Gem has been happy ever since he joined Oasis.




1. Chinese Burn
2. Cartoon Moon
3. Déjà VooDoo
4. Tell Yer Ma
5. Crown Of Thoughts
6. Mouse In A Hole
7. Bangers & Mash
8. Deep Fried Heart
9. Reaching For Heaven
10. Keep Up
11. Planet Empty
Shooting Star